24th February 2022

The year started amazingly with our New Year’s Day performance at the beautiful Gleneagles Hotel! We have been focusing on developing a new show which we will be performing at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival on the 27th March! The Roaring 20s and beyond! We will be joined by a live trio and we are so excited to be back out in the world again performing for you all! You can buy tickets here!

1st October 2021

We have had a very busy year and it has flown by – as always! We have spent much of this year slowly making our way back into the world and were very excited to release an original track Free Your Mind which was recorded remotely once again and written, produced and mixed by Susan! This track was all about engaging in a dialogue about mental health and we matched that with an uplifting vibe to encourage all the listeners to dance – even when things feel really tough! It’s been a hard old slog for everyone! We returned to LIVE performance which was just delightful and had the pleasure of working with a 3 piece band! Most recently we have released a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams as a little nod to the 70s! We are back performing regularly and have MANY exciting things in the pipeline! Stay tuned for all the updates and we look forward to seeing you out there once again!

7th December 2020

Our new single ‘Christmas is Here’ is OUT NOW on all major streaming platforms!

14th October

Check out our new blog!

26th May

Well well, who knew at the beginning of the year we would be where we are now! It’s safe to say that the past weeks have been utterly astonishing in so many different ways. From our daily lives being turned upside down to the strength, beauty and might of the community spirit, frontline workers and incredible NHS – it’s been a whirlwind of emotional ups and downs. From a personal viewpoint we have been mesmerised by the amount of musicians who have been paramount in keeping the spirits of the country alive. We, like many others, have had our bookings cancelled/postponed and are working hard to keep connected to our followers, bookers and managers alike! The most important thing is the safety of everyone around us but we are holding a light for the day we can return to perform for all of you and really get the 2020s moving! Until then, stay with us on social media, stay safe and keep your dreams alive!

29th February

We’ve been super busy putting together our brand new show reel which is available to watch on Youtube today! Our vision was to create showreel with a difference and we certainly think we’ve managed it! We were blessed to get to shoot our video in the beautiful Cambo Country House Estate with a fantastic team made up of CollectiveStudiosCo and Andrew Arthur! Our Fantastic photographer Heidi came along to kick start our 20s feels! Please watch our video and share far and wide!

December 2019

What a few weeks we have had! Susan met and sang with the incomparable Michael Bublé! We have been working with a wonderful photographer – Heidi Blanksma – who has captured some incredible shots and most excitingly of all, the have released our LIMITED EDITION CD! We have sold out almost half of the CDs so get buying quick in 2020! 8 tracks to get you dancing and singing along!

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